Day six - Verbs

The activities today will encourage your little one to get up and be active. Our fun, energetic and educational activities will help your child become more familiar with English verbs.

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Fitness Exercise

Today we are learning 4 words about fitness. Can you perform each action?

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Verb Flip Book

Create your own mini flip book to see verbs come to life with the flick of a wrist

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Verb Dice Game

Print and play the verb dice game. Roll the dice and perform the action.

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Obstacle Course

If you have a little bit of space (inside or out) why not set up an English obstacle course.

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Colouring sheet - Dance

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Colouring sheet - Eat

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Day seven - Household

Tomorrow’s activities are all based on household objects. There are lots of fun activities for you and your little one to complete.

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