Obstacle Course

If you have a little bit of space (inside or out) why not set up an English obstacle course. Include items that your child can go under, over, in or on or that encourage them to do actions at certain points such as jump or throw. They must say the English word for the action they are doing in order to move onto the next part of the course.

Preparation time: 10 minutes (first time, 5 minutes after that)

Activity lasts: 15-20 minutes

What you need:

Cushions or pillows (or something else they can climb over) | Child-safe stool (or something they can step on) | Box (or something they can go in) | Table, chair, blanket or towel (or something else they can go under) | Paper | Pen or printer | Tape (optional) | Toys (optional) | Basket or box (optional)


Recreate the Over, Under, On and In signs. Lay out each of the obstacles, allowing a little bit of space in between them. Tape the signs nearby or on the obstacles. Decide on a start and finish point. Place the toys at the start and the empty box at the finish point. You can also tape arrows to the floor to help your child follow the course.

The activity:

Explain the course to your child, using the English adjectives 'Over', 'Under', 'Up' and 'In'. To start they pick up one toy from the start line, carrying it the whole way round the course and placing or throwing it in the box at the finish. At every obstacle station they must say the action they are doing in English before they can move onto the next obstacle. You can add other items and signs to the course such as 'Jump' or 'Throw'.