Day seven - household objects

Today’s activities are all based on household objects. There are lots of fun activities for you and your little one to complete.

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Household plants and flowers

Today Teacher Toby will look at some household plants and flowers. Can you find any in your house?

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How many...?

Print and play. Can you count the items to find out how many there are?

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Peek's House

Print and play. Can you help Peek put the missing items back in the correct place?

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Throw and Say

Take it in turns to throw a soft toy and say the item's name in English. Who will collect the most items?

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Colouring sheet - Lamp

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Colouring sheet - Cup

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Day eight - Jobs

Does your little one know what job they would like to do when they grow up? Tomorrow’s activities will help your child to recognise job names in English.

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