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Our Story

"The idea for Lingumi started 5 years ago. Working as an English teacher, parents often asked me, 'what can I do at home with the little one?'"

500+ 5 star reviews!

"Our daughter started at 2 1/2 years and our son at 5 years old. Both have been playing it for just over half a year, have a large vocabulary, and can already speak sentences like: I want to drink milk"

Lisa, Ida (3) & Ludwig (5)
Würzburg, Germany
Mirja & Emil (2.5)
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Edith & Lexi (3.5)
Mannheim, Germany

"I took the trial period with my daughter, and what can I say? It's totally fun. As an English teacher in elementary school, I am particularly pleased that the Lingumi team implements content suggestions quickly and productively."

Lisa, Ida (3) & Ludwig (5)
Würzburg, Germany
Mirja & Emil (2.5)
Gelsenkirchen, Austria
Edith & Lexi (3.5)
Mannheim, Germany

"It's been a lot of fun for our three-year-old daughter for nearly a year. She has learned a lot of English words, and is now incorporating them into everyday life. Great customer support. We are very satisfied."

Lisa, Ida (3) & Ludwig (5)
Würzburg, Germany
Mirja & Emil (2.5)
Gelsenkirchen, Austria
Edith & Lexi (3.5)
Mannheim, Germany
50,000 families
have started learning English with Lingumi, and we're just getting started. Our mission is to help 500 million children start English.
3 months
using our Curriculum, and your child will have improved their English comprehension, speech, and accent.
2-3 lessons
The number of 10-minute lessons played by a typical Lingumi family each week. We open one new lesson a day, to limit screen time.




Research-driven learning

A learning method driven by research.

We work with academics, teachers, and researchers to design the Lingumi Method. Our mission is to build a better way for children to begin learning English in their earliest years. Find out how the Lingumi method works.

The Club Lingumi App

Try Lingumi on your tablet or smartphone

At the heart of Lingumi is the Club Lingumi app, which unlocks the world of English learning for Lingumi families around the world.
The Club Lingumi app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You can use several devices, switch between them.

Behind the products

Meet the people behind Lingumi

Our team of designers, developers, and educators designs and builds Lingumi's products in our offices in London & Cardiff, UK. Learn more about the Lingumi Team.

The Lingumi Guarantee.

After 3 years of research & development, and testing by over 50,000 families, we're confident that the Lingumi Curriculum works.

Playful learning

Between two and six years old, your child is constantly absorbing new information – and playing kids games is the best way for them to learn. Lingumi’s educational games for kids make learning English playful and joyful. Each daily mini-lesson contains 5–6 fun games that introduce children to English, naturally and interactively.

Effective Method

Backed by research from the University of Oxford, Lingumi adapts to your child, delivering them a new lesson each day they play. We introduce them to new nouns, verbs, questions and phrases gradually. Their knowledge of the language builds up, piece by piece, using the Lingumi Method.

Parent support

You don’t need to speak English to use Lingumi as a parent. We provide multiple parent languages and our team is here to support you. Talk to us in the in-app inbox for free help and advice.

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Lisa, Germany
"We're having fun playing Lingumi, and the team are so helpful and communicative."
Sarah, Germany
"you'll be amazed how much they've learned, even after two weeks."
Lisa, Germany
"The boys both play and they love it. Now they can understand American boys on holiday."
Sandra, Germany
Andrea, Germany
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