Today, Lingumi is changing. Here's what's new.

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August 1, 2018

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Founder & CEO
Today, we’re announcing a big change to the way Lingumi works, and releasing a major new update to the Club Lingumi app.

For the last 12 months, we’ve been selling subscriptions to Lingumi to families after a 7-14 day trial period. The structure was a bit confusing, because some families got 14 day trials, some 7 day trials, depending on where you signed up.

We often heard from you that you didn’t have time to test Lingumi during the trial, or went away and found the trial expired by the time you got round to testing.

We also found that the pricing and buying process was made a little unclear by this, as you weren’t sure when you’d need to pay, and how much.

So, we listened, and today we’re announcing that we’ve made some changes!

Families who want their children to learn English with Lingumi can now take the first 5 lessons of our curriculum for free - no time limit, and no worries around if/when we’ll charge you.

Those first five lessons are the ‘foundation’ of our curriculum: your child will start building up their knowledge of English, including learning their first 20-30 words, understanding simple phrases, and recognising new words in sentences. We’ve seen it happen to thousands of children - we think your child will love it.

From lesson 6 onwards, you’ll need to join Club Lingumi as a subscriber. The prices and plans are laid out clearly on our pricing page, and in the app. If your child does lose interest in Lingumi later, you can cancel at any time, like always, and we make it quick and painless to do.

We’ve also increased our prices. Existing members will stay on their current price plans, so don’t worry about that. But for new members, we’re charging a bit more than we used to, and want to be totally transparent about why. Lingumi is still very affordable - one month of English learning for less than ⅓ of the cost of a single English class. However, to allow us to invest more in the quality of our product and curriculum, we’re increasing our prices a bit. We’ve added hundreds of new games, interaction types, and new learning feedback tools for parents recently, and those are some of the many new developments you can expect from us regularly as a subscriber. You can find the new pricing on this page.

You can try the foundational first 5 lessons of Club Lingumi today. It’s the perfect way for kids age 2-6 to begin learning English. Click here to begin your child’s English journey.

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