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November 6, 2020

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Lingumi & SoapBox Labs are running an English speaking contest!


Who are SoapBox Labs?

SoapBox Labs are the world leaders in voice technology for children. Their technology listens while your children speak out loud, and gives feedback on the quality of their speech and pronunciation.  In short - they help us teach your children to speak English like natives!


What is this contest?

For the second year in a row, SoapBox Labs has partnered with Lingumi to run an English speaking contest for Lingumi children all over the world, and this year, we’ve made it a global competition! SoapBox Labs will feature the winning videos on their website and social media, so that other people can also see and celebrate your children’s achievements!

Winners will win a prize from SoapBox Labs and Lingumi! There are 10 main prizes, and 5 “wild-card” prizes, for videos that really stand out! 

The competition will run for 5 weeks, and we’ll announce 2 main winners and 1 wildcard winner each week.


Your children’s videos will be judged on the following criteria

1. Confidence

2. Accuracy

3. Creativity

4. Fun!

How do I enter?

  1. Make sure your Lingumi app is up to date! 
  2. Find a space where there is minimal background noise, so we can hear your child speak clearly!
  3. Choose a video-- see below for instructions about how to find the voice recognition games!  Please only choose voice recognition games: we’re saving Smart Conversation for our next competition!
  4. Parental assistance is required to record the child’s pronunciation- film your child speaking! NB Please be sure to film their speaking score on the screen as they play.  Nancy’s winning video from last year (posted as a demonstration below), is a great example of this.
  5. Upload your video in the FB thread below! In your comment, please also state your child’s name, age, and course progress
  6. Finally, fill in this typeform: 
  7. Share your videos on social media! Remember to @Lingumi / #Lingumi 

We will announce the winners progressively - stay tuned! Keep an eye on this Facebook page for more updates :)  You can submit up to 3 entry videos! 


By participating in the event, you consent to SoapBox Labs & Lingumi publishing your video on our website and communities. If you have other questions, email - please do not leave app report related messages under this event.

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