30 days' progresses with Lingumi

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February 23, 2021

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Founder & CEO

What will my child learn after only 30 days with Lingumi?

As you may know, Lingumi creates the world's best teaching lessons and teaches your child to speak English from scratch, through technology!

Many parents may not exactly know what to expect from Lingumi. How can my child learn perfectly English by only using an app?

Watch the following video shows the 30 days' progresses with Lingumi, thousands children are learning English with us right now!

In the first 30 days, through 10 minutes' daily interactive lessons with Lingumi Teachers and in-app activities, your child will go from pronouncing single words to whole sentences using simple verbs and adjectives!

Our app supports AI voice technology which will encourage your child to put into practice what they have learned through responsive teaching features such as Smart Conversations with our native English teachers, Pronunciation tasks, Interactive games and Joyful activities!

Our mission is to bring to world's best teaching experience by also making parents feel part of Lingumi! We've set Lingumi Families Communities all around the world where we lead weekly live events and Teacher Challenges!

Join Lingumi now and let's have fun together!

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