Day eleven - Shapes

Today’s focus will be on shapes. There are lots of fun activities for you and your little one to complete.

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Shapes with Teacher Toby

Today Teacher Toby will help you with shape names in English. Can you label the different coloured shapes?

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Shape Sorting Game

Print and play the shape sorting game. Who can match the shapes to their game board first?

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Odd One Out

Print and play. Can you spot the item that doesn't belong with the rest? What item is the odd one out?

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Window shape match

Quick shape matching game - all you need is a window or flat surface, a pen and scraps of thin material to cut shapes out of.

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Colouring sheet - Star

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Colouring sheet - Triangle

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Day twelve - Bugs and Insects

Tomorrow there are lots of fun activities for you and your child to complete all based on bugs and insects. Practise the names in English so you can label any bugs or insects you find. How many bugs and insects can you find in your garden?

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