Window shape match

Quick shape matching game. Draw some shapes on a window (or other smooth surface) with a washable felt pen. Cut out shapes from scraps of thin material (card, plastic wrapping). Wet the shapes and get your child to stick them to the matching shape on the window. Encourage them to say the shapes in English.

Preparation time: 5 minutes (only need to do it once)

Activity lasts: 10 minutes

What you need:

Window (or other smooth surface like a fridge or plastic tray) | Scraps of thin materials such as cardboard, plastic packaging, fabric, craft foam (if you have it) | Washable felt pen | Bowl or container suitable to hold water | Water


Draw the outline of different shapes on your window or other surface with a washable felt pen. Then cut lots of different shapes out of any thin material you can find. We used cardboard, plastic food packaging and a crisp packet. You can freehand or use the shape template here - if you haven't got a printer get a piece of paper, put this over your screen and lightly trace. Fill a bowl with a small amount of water and place the shapes into the water.

The activity:

Run through the names of the shapes in English. Ask your child to match the wet shapes to the ones on the window and encourage them to say the shape names in English as they match them.