Throw and Say

Make a masking tape grid on your floor. Fill up the grid with lots of items that your little one is learning to say in English. Then take it in turns to throw a soft toy and say the item's name. Get it right and the item is yours. The player with the most items wins.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Activity lasts: 10-15 minutes

What you need:

Masking tape or a tiled floor | Toys, clothes, objects, pictures or drawings of English words your child is learning | A soft toy or bean bag


Lay out the masking tape on the floor to make a grid (the size is up to you, this one is 4x7 which means you'll need 28 items. Then fill each square of the grid with your items. Mark a position on the floor with the tape, where the player must stand or kneel.

The Activity:

The first player stands or kneels in front of the grid. They must throw the soft toy or bean bag so that it lands in one of the grid squares. If it lands in a square they must say the items name in English. If they say the correct name they get to keep the item and the next player takes their turn. If the player cannot say the item, the soft toy they've thrown lands in an empty square or they miss the grid entirely, they miss a turn. The winner is the player with the most items at the end of the game.