Day nine - Colours

Today’s colourful activities will have you and your child sorting items into colour groups, creating works of art and practising colour names in English.

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My shirt is...

Can you tell Teacher Toby what colour shirt you have?

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Colour Sorting Game

Print and play the colour sorting game. Can you sort the items by their colour?

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Colouring by Numbers

Print and colour. Use the numbered colour chart to complete the image.

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Colour Thread

Prepare and play at home. Can you thread all the items onto the matching colour straw or pipe cleaner?

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Colouring sheet - Boo is painting

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Colouring sheet - Paint palette

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Day ten - Sea Animals

Let’s take a trip under the sea with tomorrow’s activities. Focusing on sea animals, tomorrow you and your little one will learn, create and play all while practising English.

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