Day one - Animals

Today’s activities are all animal themed. Practise your English pronunciation with Teacher Toby, print and play educational games and get creative with our craft activity.

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Pronunciation practice

Learn animals in English with your child. Learn to recognise animal names such as chicken, cow, horse, and dog.

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Animal card match

Print and play the animal card match game. Can you match all of the animals together?

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Odd one out

Print and play. Can you spot the item that doesn't belong with the rest? What item is the odd one out?

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Make it - penguin

Make your very own paper plate penguin.

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Colouring sheet - Elephant

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Colouring sheet - Monkey

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Day two - Food

Tomorrow we will concentrate on practising the English names for different items of food. There are lots of fun activities for you and your little one to complete.

Tomorrow's Activities

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