Twisty Tube - Kids English Adjectives Learning Game

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Twisty tube

Have fun twisting tubes to discover exciting units.

You will need:

. Scissors

. Tape

. Round cardboard tube

. Glue Stick

. Design printable 

1. Cut out both images provided in our pdf

2. On image 2 use scissors to cut out the black circle on the character face

3. Glue the back of image 2 and stick it onto the cardboard tube all the way around

4. Use scissors to cut out a circle in the cardboard tube (behind the circle you cut out on the character face)

5. On image 1, use tape to glue one side to the other creating a tube shape

6. Place the tube you just created into the cardboard tube making sure the placement of the face is in line with the cardboard hole you cut out previously

7. Twist the inner tube around to see the different faces. Get your child to repeat and act out each adjective

"Is Yum happy? No, yum is sad!" "Yes, Yum is happy!" "What face shall we make?" "Can you find...happy?"
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