Snake Puppet - Kids English Animal Learning Game

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Snake Puppet

You will need:

. Green paint

. Paper plate

. Paintbrush

. String

. Glue stick

. Scissors

. Pink paper

. White paper

. Black paper

. Black pen

1. Using a paintbrush, cover the front of the paper plate with green paint

2. Wait for the paint to dry

3. Using a dark coloured pen, draw a spiral that gets thinner towards the centre. The end of the spiral will be the snakes head so make sure it's wide enough to fit some eyes

4. Using scissors, cut along the black line that you drew onto the paper plate all the way to the centre

5. With some pink paper cut out a long, thin rectangle. On one end of the rectangle, cut out a triangle to make a snakes tongue shape

6. Glue the tongue shape underneath the paper plate where the snakes head will be

7. Using white paper, draw two small cirlces the same size and cut them out.

8. Glue the circles onto the snakes head. These will be the snakes eyes

9. Using black paper, draw two smaller cirlces the same size and cut them out.

10. Glue the black circles onto the white circles. These will be the snakes pupils

11. Take your string and tie it around the snakes neck (towards the head)

12. Lay the snake on the ground and pull the string to make the snake pop out from the ground

Try saying: "What animal is this?" "It's a snake!" "What noise does a snake make?" "Ssssss"

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