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Panda Hat

Learn how to make this adorable panda hat and be the envy of all of your friends

You will need:

. Pink coloured paper

. Black coloured paper

. White coloured paper

. Paper plate

. Scissors

. Ruler

. Pencil

. Glue Stick

. Paper Knife

. Coin

. Paint tube lid (or any other round, medium sized lid)

1. Take a black piece of paper. Use a pencil and a coin to trace two circle shapes

2. Using the lid of a glue stick, trace another two circles onto the black card

3. Using the paint tube lid, trace five circles onto the black card

4. You should have five large circlces, 2 medium sized circles and two small circles.

5. Cut out each circle

6. Now take a piece of white paper. Use the glue stick lid to trace around and create two medium sized circles

7. Cut out the two white circles

8. Next with the pink piece of paper use a coin to trace two circles.

9. Cut out the two pink circles

10. Now with a paper plate, use a pencil to draw a curve. Make this curve around 7cm long.

11. Take a paper knife and cut around the inside of the paper plate. Use the plate crease as a guide making sure you don't cut all the way around. Make sure you stop at the curve you have drawn

12. Take one large black circle. Use a ruler and pencil to draw a line right through the middle

13. On one half of the cirlce draw a curve leaving a curved strip. This will be used for the smile so make it wide enough to resemble a mouth.

14. Cut out the mouth shape

15. Take a medium black coloured circle and cut it in half. This will be used for the nose

16. Take your paper plate and place it face down.

17. Next you'll be glueing the pieces of paper onto the paper plate so you want to make sure that the paper plate is centre with the cut that you made. The flap should be at the bottom with cut out area to the top

18. Glue the nose shape onto the centre of the paper plate, With the curve facing down, leaving some space

19. To create one of the eyes you will take a large black circle, a medium white circle and a small black circle

20. Now glue the large black circle onto the paper plate, just to the right of the nose. This will resemble the black fur around a panda's eye

21. Glue the medium white circle on top of the black circle. This will be the eye

22. Finally glue the small black circle on top of the white circle. this will be the pupil

23. Follow steps 17-22 to create the left eye. Make sure both eyes are equally seperated on the paper plate

24. Underneath the left eye, take one pink circle and glue it under the eye area but slightly further to the left

25. Do the same for the right pink circle

26. Take a large black circle and glue half of the shape.

27. This circle will be used for the right ear so glue the shape underneath the paper plate making sure half is sticking out

28. Do the same with the left ear

29. Your panda hat is complete. Now fold out the panda face area and place your head in the hole

"what animal is this?" "It's a panda!" "What are you wearing?" "It's a panda hat!"
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