English Treasure Hunt

Get your little one searching around the house for everyday 'treasure' items, this can last the whole day or week. You can theme the hunt around the subjects we teach (Vehicles, Clothes, Food, Numbers, Animals). We chose food for our hunt, not just real food, we used toys, pictures and even mummy's drawings of food. Write a check list of the items in English, hide at child's level and only in safe places and start the hunt. Top tip: I labelled each 'treasure' item with some masking tape, so Lottie knew it was part of the hunt.

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes (each time)

Activity lasts: Throughout the day (off and on)

What you need:

Household items, toys, pictures of objects | Paper - Pen - Stickers or masking tape (optional) | Box or bag (optional, but handy to keep all the found items in one place)


Find lots of child-safe items, these can be a mixture of toys, photographs cut from magazines, hand drawn pictures, actual items from your house. It's good to pick a theme like clothes or food so that your child knows roughly what they're looking for. Then create a checklist of the items in English (here are some ideas to get you started). Label the 'treasure' items using stickers or masking tape with a shape, letter or number on. Hide the 'treasure' in child-safe places around your house. Stick the checklist to a box or bag that can hold the 'treasure'.

The Activity:

Give your child the empty box or bag and run through the checklist of 'treasure' with them in English. Ask them to search for the 'treasure' items around the house. Find one or two things with them first, to show them what to look for (sticker with number on). When they find an item ask them to say what it is in English, when they do check it off the list and they can place it in the box or bag.