Over 20,000 families in over 50 countries are playing and learning English with Lingumi

"Lexi is super happy with the games - and loved the free activity sheet, too!"

Lexi loves the short lessons - I had to help her at the beginning but now she is very confident and knows so many words. She can even say short phrases like 'hello, how are you?'

Lingumi has become a very much beloved daily routine for him and he even starts to repeat complete sentences. His new favourite words are „deer“ and „monkey“ and when we left the house to go to Kindergarten this morning, he said „Bye, Daddy!“ to Nik. I’m very proud! 😉

Both boys have been playing Lingumi for more than 9 months, and can use their English now when they meet children from America and the UK. They even met Toby, their 'teacher', which was so exciting for them!

We've been using Lingumi for 18 months. Ben knows so much English and still has fun with his daily lessons, he plays 3-4 times per week. Super changes to the app."

"As a mother of a toddler, I was sceptical at first - but we are totally delighted!"

"My daughter and I play the Lingumi app together, and learn English (it's helpful for me too, as my English is not good!) For her, it's just playing, but she's absorbing so much!"

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10,000+ families in 50+ countries are playing and learning English with Lingumi

Lisa, Germany
"We're having fun playing Lingumi, and the team are so helpful and communicative."
Sarah, Germany
"you'll be amazed how much they've learned, even after two weeks."
Lisa, Germany
"The boys both play and they love it. Now they can understand American boys on holiday."
Sandra, Germany
Andrea, Germany
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