Colours for Kids

Children start learning colours from 18 months old and they can differentiate colours names by the age of 3. Practice the list of colours names in English in the Lingumi Dictionary, or after your daily Lingumi lesson, to teach your toddler learn colours in English.

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Printable flash cards: Colours


Lingumi Dictionary for kids

English Speaking Sounds Wall
Take English speaking practice with your child:  Find different topics such as colours in English, animals, numbers, clothes, family words for kids and more. Listen to British English pronunciation and practice English speaking everyday. Learn all the words and English games for kids in the Lingumi app.

Begin speaking English with your child

We work with academics, teachers, and researchers to design the Lingumi Method. We will introduce your child to new nouns, verbs, questions and phrases gradually. Their knowledge of the language builds up, piece by piece, using the Lingumi Method.

Lingumi’s educational games for kids make learning English playful and joyful. Unlock a new lesson every day  that introduce children to English, naturally and interactively.

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