Day fourteen - Vehicles

Today’s activities are all themed around vehicles. Practise your English pronunciation with Teacher Toby, print and play educational games and get creative with our craft activity.

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Teacher Toby rides a scooter. Can you describe a vehicle that you can find?

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Vehicle Sorting Game

Print and play the vehicle sorting game. Who can match all the items with their vehicle first?

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Print and play. Can you match all the pieces together to create a vehicle?

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Activity coming soon

We are working very hard to get as many activities to you and your child. Check this page again next time to find another activity to complete.

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Colouring sheet - Train

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Colouring sheet - Truck

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Day fifteen - Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are the theme of today’s activities. Watch Teacher Toby’s video, print and play educational games and make some noise with our craft activity.

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