Lingumi 7.0 updates-Meet Your Child’s English Classmates

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August 23, 2019

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Founder & CEO

We’ve made some exciting changes to your child’s Lingumi account! We’ve added a Classroom, where your child can have real English conversations with new Classroom Tasks. 

In the Classroom, you’ll find a new little classmate from England, and your child’s friends! You can also now boost your child’s love of English with new rewards in the app.

What’s new?

The Classroom

A new classroom for your child and their classmates to practise speaking English together.


Your child’s little friends - meet Lucy from England, your child’s new classmate, and add your friends’ children so your kids can use Classroom Tasks together.

Classroom Tasks

New, social speaking tasks that get better when your child’s friends reply! Practise speaking English and learn more as your child’s friends add their replies.


Your child can now earn hearts as rewards in the app. The more hearts you earn, the more Classroom Tasks you’ll be able to play! Earn (Unlock) tasks by completing lessons, recording videos, and watching your Classmates’ videos.

New videos from Teacher Toby

New videos for kids, and for mum and dad, from Teacher Toby: learn how to use the app, learn new words, and practise speaking English every day with your child’s teacher from England.

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