Throw and do

This cup and ball game will have your little one acting out lots of English verbs. You just need some cups or bowls, paper to write the verbs on and some tape to attach them to the cups, and a small ball. Props to act out some of the verbs are also a great addition.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Activity lasts: 15 minutes

What you need:

Cups or bowls | A small ball | Paper | Tape | Pen


On small pieces of paper write out different English verbs your child has been learning (see suggested list below). Tape one verb to the inside or underside of each cup or bowl. Move the cups and bowls together on the floor. This is optional but having some props to act out some of the verbs adds extra enjoyment. We had a cup of water to act out 'drink', some food for 'eat', a sponge for 'clean', etc.

The Activity:

Take it turns to throw the ball into a cup. Every time you throw repeat the English word 'Throw'. When the ball lands in a cup read the verb aloud, in English. The player who threw the ball must now act out the verb. You can remove the cup if the player acted out the correct verb or leave it in play.