Opposites hunt

Get two bowls, one filled with soapy water and the other filled with earth or something messy (sorry mums and dads). Bury different toys, cups and items in each bowl. Using the commands 'go' and 'stop' in English, ask your child to hunt out item pairs that are the opposite of each other. Ask them questions like 'I want an empty bowl', then 'I want a full bowl' or 'I want a soft toy' and 'I want a hard toy'.

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

Activity lasts: 15-20 minutes

What you need:

2 bowls/containers | Water (bubbles are optional) | Earth, sand or flour (something dry and messy) | Toys (make sure some of the toys are different in size and softness) | Cups or small containers | Stop clock (optional)


Fill one of the bowls with soapy water and the other with earth (or whatever you're using for the 'dirty' bowl). Bury some of the toys in the earth bowl and place some in the bubbly bowl. Place both bowls next to each other on a table or on the floor (if this is inside, place a towel under the bowls, as things will probably get messy and wet).

The Activity:

Explain to your child that they must search and take out what you ask for in either one of the bowls. They can start hunting for the item when you say 'Go', but must stop hunting when you say 'Stop' (in English). You can use a stop clock if you want, but it's not necessary, it's about your child recognising the opposites 'go' and 'stop'. Say the words 'I want an empty cup...Go!' (in English). Either after a certain amount of time or when you see your child has an item in their hands, say 'Stop'. If your child pulls out the cup and it's full suggest that they empty it. Then place the empty cup to one side. Next ask your child 'I want a full cup...Go!' Give them some time to get the item and then say 'Stop'. If they take out a full cup place it next to the empty cup and ask them to say if the cup is empty or full. Keep playing by asking for one thing and then the opposite of that, using the commands 'Go' and 'Stop' and then placing the opposite items side-by-side. There are examples of what types of things to ask for below.