Making a monster

Make a monster with your little monsters. Grab some paper, pens and scrap materials and create a crazy monster with six feet, eight eyes, bright pink hair, the sillier the better. Then make up little rhymes about the monster's features. "the monster has blue teeth, the monster has blue teeth, blue, blue, blue teeth, the monster has blue teeth". Your child can add to it any time and it creates a great prompt for learning English body parts, adjectives and numbers.

Preparation time: 2 minutes to gather materials

Activity lasts: 30 minutes or longer

What you need:

One large sheet of paper or several smaller sheets taped together | Felt pen | Scrap materials (wool, fabric, coloured paper) | Glue or tape

The Activity:

Lay your paper on the floor, then get your child to lay down in the middle of the paper and trace around them with a felt pen. If your child is unwilling you can draw a rough outline of their body. Label the main body parts of your new monster together in English; head; body; arms; legs. Using the scrap materials, paints, coloured pens and anything else you can find, help your child decorate their monster. You can add all sorts of different body parts to your monster. When you do sing a rhyme about the body part you've added. - We attached wool for the hair, then made up a little rhyme about the monster's hair. "The monster has pink hair, the monster has pink hair, pink, pink, pink hair, the monster has pink hair". (to the theme of Farmer in the dell). Then we added two hands on each arm and sang a song about that... "The monster has four hands, the monster has four hands, one, two, three, four, the monster has four hands". You can add to the monster anytime you want and encourage your child to sing the rhymes you made up.