Ice Cream Counting

Your little one will enjoy counting to ten as they serve up scoops of ice cream. Create ten paper cones and label them 1-10. Give your child a bowl of pom pom balls and a spoon. Ask your child for a certain number of ice cream scoops and encourage them to count in English as they scoop the balls of ice cream into the correct numbered cone.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Activity lasts: 20 minutes

What you need:

Paper or card | Tape Scissors | Felt pen | Box (optional) | Bowl | Small pom pom balls or small balls of plasticine | Spoon or scoop


Make 10 cones out of paper or card and label them 1-10. Place lots of pom pom balls or plasticine balls into a bowl. Give your child the cones, bowl of balls and spoon

The Activity:

Say each of the numbers on the cones in English and show your child that you put a certain number of balls into each cone. Say the English phrase "I want 3 (any number from 1-10) ice cream scoops". When they scoop the balls into the cone encourage them to count in English.